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"Slacker" Custom Coin Treasure Chest

 "Slacker" Custom Coin Treasure Chest
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Medium Size Treasure Chest
Outside Approximate Dimensions are:11.5" Long x 6.5" Deep x 8" High.
Inside Approximate Dimensions are:10" long x 4.875" Deep x 5.5" High

Special Construction - Reinforced Base
                                  Reinforced Handles

Note: All Black Metal Feet, Corners, Hasp & Hinges
"Special Order" Heavy Duty Handles with Locking "T" nuts for added strength.

 Pricing Explanation:
All Pine (Walnut) stained Chest = $79.99
Special Cuts and Chest Construction = $20.00
Special Order,
Feet, Corners, Hinges & Handles = $40.00

Total = $139.99

FedEx Shipping = $16.00

Total with Shipping = $155.99

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