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Medium Trick / Puzzle Chest
This Chest has secret moves to be able to get inside it's compartments

Custom made!
Full Medium size Chest - with 3 separate compartments.

The 2 Dollar Bill is for size reference only

Email me with Questions

 This Chest is in Walnut
  Front View

Medium Trick/Puzzle Chest - Side View
  This is the side or end view
   This is the back view

 There is a trick to pulling out
  the end

  Hidden Compartment
  There is a trick to removing
  the top compartment

The Solution IS NOT shown here.

If you can't figure it out then it can be emailed to you.

Chest is approximately
11.5" long x 6" deep x 8" high
The inside dimensions are approximately
10" long x 4.75" deep x 7" high.

  The Chest Shown has all Brass fittings. They include, Corners, Feet, Hasp, Hinges & Handles
            $195.00 plus
      $16.00 FedEx shipping
        Continental US only

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100 3480
Trick Treasure Chest - Style A

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100 3481
Trick Treasure Chest B


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