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Gallery of Past Projects
Any of the shown below are available
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Treasure Chest used in Wedding Announcement

Treasure Chest used in Wedding Announcement

Special Order Large Chest

This large Chest was configured to hold 2 Glass Skulls

Two separate foam padded compartments were made to hold each Skull securely


Super Chest - Special Order
Approximately 28" Long x 15" Deep x 18" Tall

With Leather Straps, Draw Snaps, Brass Corners and Feet

All Dovetail Construction


Note Photo below includes a 8.5" x 11" picture frame
for size reference

Dog and Cat Treat Boxes

 Medium Size Trunk
All Brass Hardware

 Medium Size Trunk with Black Interior

Hex Shaped Sport Boxes

These are Mini Trunks pictured above
and to the left.

 You Guessed It!! Barber's Pole Made to be attached to any wall.

 Customer Order Box to Hold Wedding Tray


 Custom Order Chest with TWO Removable trays and  Leather lined. Each "Pocket" is Leather Cushioned.


 Zelda's Box


 Santa Treasure Chest
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