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The Chests you see on this page are all Custom Ordered

Features have been added such as removable trays, leather, brass or black studs.

Wood colors and types are available too.

More options are available - just ask.

I have more photos of each of these and I would be happy to send them to you.

Thank You

Please Be Patient With Us!!

We are in the process of Updating our Site

Custom Chests and Projects

Please Email for Additional Information About these Chests

This is a Medium Plus Custom Chest in Walnut Stain with all Black Hardware. Hardware includes Hinges, Hasp, Feet, Corners, Lid Support Chain and Heavy Duty Handles with "T" Bolts for maximum strength.

Contact me for more information

Here's my Zelda Chest

This was made from my Large size Treasure Chest

Contact me for more information

This Large Chest was Custom Made to fit inside the trunk of this '41 Dodge. The Chest actually covers the gas tank and the lid lifts up in order to fill the tank. Black hardware with 13/4" thick leather with Black furniture studs.

This Chest is made from Gabbon Ebony wood. Very Heavy and Very Expensive.

This is a Medium Size Chest with a Flat Top. All Black Hardware too.

Contact me for more information

This is another Medium "Flat" lid Chest. This wood is called Purpleheart. This too has all Black Hardware which includes hinges, hasp, corners, feet, lid support chain and heavy duty habdles.

Contact me for more information

This is a Custom Large Chest. All Brass Hardware - Carrying Handle added on top. Chest has 2 pull out storage trays with storage underneath them.

Notice 4 storage compartments in the lid

This is my Large Chest divided into 3 padded compartments. Each compartment is lined with a blue cushion to protect the crystal skulls. There are 2 skulls and one front storage compartment

This is another Large Chest but this time it has 1.75" thick Black Leather Strapping with Brass Furniture Tacks and all Brass Hardware.

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